Hot Chip DJ Set

WHY NOT managed to bring one of the world-biggest acts in the electronic music community to Göteborg: HOT CHIP DJ Set. The breakthrough Hot Chip had with their album “The warning” in 2006. Since them being at Way out West 4 years ago their Swedish fan community has not been able to see them again, but we thought: “WHY NOT change that?”

Hot Chip’s music is hard to describe: In fact they seem to have trouble squaring it with the equal, but to some extent opposite, influence of, say, Bill Callahan from Smog. Or Lambchop. Or Crystal Gayle. So, instead of doing the obvious thing and working out what sort of band they are going to be, they conclude that they will be all of them at once. Unlike most of their heroes and role models, however, Hot Chip prefer things to be slightly off or too loud or in some way odd, and set great store in the accidental nature of recording. Perhaps it is this that gives them the slightly homemade feel that permeates the whole 'Coming On Strong', and makes it an album so high on charm.

So be prepared to be surprised, put on your dancing shoes and put your hands up for: Hot Chip DJ Set!